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Mount Rushmore memorialOne year ago, I posted on Twitter and Facebook the following, “Reason to celebrate Dec. 3: On this date in 1833, Oberlin College became first coed institution of higher learning in the U.S.”

I followed with another the next day and pretty soon settled on the lead, “Note for” the date – Twitter’s character limit forced me to find the briefest possible introduction. Yesterday was my 365th post citing some significant or at least interesting event on that date in history. (OK, I might have missed one or two in the early going.)

I’ve enjoyed the feedback from folks, the many who have expressed appreciation and those who weighed in discussing the posts. The truth is, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed doing them. Several weeks ago, I decided to end when I reached the first anniversary, but it’s been too much fun and enlightening.

There is one thing that has made a distinct impression on me. When you think about it, it makes sense, but that doesn’t make it any more comfortable.

Every single day, multiple historic highlights on that date have been related to war. Certainly, the course of history is often channeled through conflict, but it’s downright depressing that we cannot experience a generation without warfare. Honestly, however, I don’t post those items very often.

Another depressing category is disasters, usually natural catastrophes but some caused by man. I’m more likely to post one of those, partly because there are often uplifting subplots and partly because they remind us how little we control.

More uplifting are inventions, explorations and other milestones such as today’s, the first human heart transplant. Then there are those that are simply memories about popular songs, movies and television shows.

Regardless, thanks for riding along, and I always appreciate your feedback.

4 thoughts on “Note for today”

  1. I always enjoy your Notes for the Day and hope you continue. Part of the fun of posting them is finding one to use.


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