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Be it resolved …

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Taking care of business. (c) 2020 by Steve Martaindale

Looking forward to the new year, I hereby resolve: If we fail to remove Trump from the White House, if we do not substantially replace Republicans who have abetted or at least turned blind eyes to an attempted authoritarian overthrow of our republic, it will not be due to a lack of effort on my part.

Yes, for the first time in quite a while – indeed, I cannot remember the last time – I’m making a New Year’s resolution.

How will I fight to save our nation from the ultra-conservative onslaught?

Vote Democrat.

Promote voter registration and participation.

Be less quiet and amplify other voices.

Continue to care. About the persecution of people fleeing persecution. About violating religious freedom. About the oppression of people just because of who they love. About torturing our planet and threatening its ability to sustain life. About reserving health care for people who have money. About suppressing women. About turning a blind eye to slavery. About funneling the vast majority of finances to a disgustingly small number of people. About ignoring much of the rest of civilization because some Americans think they alone deserve all the breaks. There is so much.

Let’s make it a happy new year.

4 responses to “Be it resolved …

  1. Kathryn L Williams January 2, 2020 at 12:58 pm

    I agree 100 percent. I don’t have to wonder what I will tell my grandchildren about what I did to help save democracy and decency in 2020. They’re old enough to see and comment on a regular basis. They’re old enough to help. In fact, they’ve invited me to marrch with them Jan. 18 in the Women’s March.
    Some thoughts on working toward a better future in the political realm (I know you, Steve, do even more this.)
    Find out who is the precinct chair in your precinct. Usually you can do this through your county party Web site. If you’re in a small county, just call the county chair or secretary or look on the ballot for the Primary, They should be posted and the county clerk should know. Precinct chairs have to run for office, so they should have filed already. If there is not chair (I know Steve, AP style, sigh) sign up. The Texas Democratic Party has all kinds of training resources and help for precinct chairs Precincts are they foundation of party action, like canvassing, literature distribution, phone banks, post card wrting, text circles. If you don’t have time to be a precinct leader, get in touch with your precinct chair to see how you can help. There are jobs to fit just about any time availability limits, shyness level and tech ability. There are even things you can do at home while the kids are doing homework or you’re watching TV.
    Show up for local Democratic Party meetings and join a Democratic Club of your persuasion.
    Be aware of the political situation locally. If you’re on unfriendly turf, make sure the powers that be know you want to see fair elections. Become a volunteer deputy voter registrar. It’s easy, fun, and cost-free. If you live in a state with restrictive voter laws, help folks find out if they’re registered and what they need to have with them when they vote (IDs, rides to the polls, mail-in ballots) Help remove any barriers to their getting what they need.
    Become an election judge or clerk to make sure elections are conducted fairly. They get paid a little. If there aren’t any judge or clerk slots open, become a poll watcher (this applies more to November election.) They don’t get paid.
    Become a watch dog. Learn election and voter laws and calendars. Pay attention to everything that’s printed about the election to ensure bad information is not appearing in print or social media. Be especially wary of sources in anything you read and CHECK OUT THE SOURCE AND ACCURACY OF ANYTHING YOU PASS ON OR REACT TO IN SOCIAL MEDIA. Sorry about the yelling, but this is how the Ruskies got into our heads last time. It’s already starting again, and it’s just as likely to sound good, too good, for our folks. Also, try to cool down before you respond angrily to a post or strongly to a repost or comment. When everyone’s dishing out bile, even when it’s quite clever, no one is listening or being convinced.
    Don’t let participation in social media dialogs become a substitute for real political action. Sometimes we bleed off our political energy responding to idiotic posts.
    Even if you have only a dollar to donate or no more than an hour a week to spare, please pitch in. Even this Primary is an important opportunity to do your bit. It’s not just a practice round, it also shows others how many of us are paying attention and acting on information. It shows how active we are and if our systems of GOTV are working.
    I’m 70 and have been through many of the big political upheavals and saddest times in our history. So please believe me when I say we need all hands on deck. This is the biggest, scariest, hardest, most important fight in our lives. Please step up, stand up and fight.


  2. Michael Perdue January 2, 2020 at 9:11 am



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