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It’s a gloomy world for Donald Trump, one where his ego is under constant attack. Photo by Steve Martaindale


When you heard a couple of days ago Donald Trump was threatening – pretty much promising – to ban from the United States the popular social media app TikTok, did that affect you at all?

I’ve never considered using the app, which allows you to shoot and share a 15-second video, simply because that doesn’t interest me, so I didn’t know too much about it, such as the fact it has more users than does Twitter.

But, wait, why does he want to ban it? He said it was over security concerns because it’s Chinese-owned.

OK, that sounds like a stretch, but we tend to trust a president on such matters as this, right?

Then there’s this article on, headlined “Critics Convinced Trump Wants TikTok Banned Because Sarah Cooper Is Driving Him Nuts.”

That caught my attention because I love what Sarah Cooper has been doing. I didn’t know she was on TikTok, but I’ve been following her on Twitter. She’s also on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. You should check her out.

Here’s another contestant from “Is This The Real Reason Why Trump Wants To Ban TikTok?

It asks, “What if this does have everything to do with Trump’s rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in June?” A campaign by TikTok users claimed to have damaged the president’s ego by reserving a bunch of free seats at the conference and then not showing.


In normal times, suggestions the “leader of the free world” plans a major international policy simply because he’s been embarrassed … well, that would have simply been ludicrous.

That’s the point.

Trump has done so many self-serving, ego-enhancing, mind-boggling things that attacking a phone app because he’s laughed at doesn’t hit all that high on the loony scale. We all could see him doing just that.

It doesn’t matter, now, what his reason is for it because we all know that he’s capable of doing the worst.

It’s 93 days until the general election. Make your plans now to help vote Trump and enabling Republicans out of office.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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