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F___ Your Feelings

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Yes, I have feelings for other people. I also like penguins and slow walks on the beach. Photo by Steve Martaindale


It is 90 days until the general election.

We took a little drive in the country yesterday and wound up on a small farm-to-market road undergoing construction. While waiting for a pilot car to lead us through the one-lane passage, we found ourselves behind a car with a window decal that said, “Trump 2020 F___ Your Feelings.”

Now, I’m not one who gets upset by the so-called vulgarity, which I view as more of an exclamation point; I simply choose to not use them in my columns. However, boiling down my opposition to the sitting president to my “feelings” … that sent my head spinning.

Apparently, the saying is a thing. An Internet search showed the message for sale on a broad selection of T-shirts, a poster, a whiskey glass, a pint beer glass, a bottle opener fashioned from a .50-caliber shell, a flag, baseball caps, and car decals … and that was on only three sites.

My understanding of the condemnation, “F___ Your Feelings,” is a belief by some conservatives that liberals make key decisions based on little more than “feelings.” Trumpers think, I guess, their decisions are more fact-based and therefore better, even though their leader’s lies have been documented by volumes.

Feeling it

OK, so here are some of my feelings which you’re free to f___ if you disagree.

I feel Trump and the GOP are creating an ultra-rich ruling class by generating massive wealth for a few and then doing their bidding. By the way, if you support building a small ultra-rich class while shrinking the middle class and making everyone else more destitute and dependent, you’re writing your own ticket to the poor farm. Way to stick it to us liberals! (On this topic of “just how rich are the super-rich?” spend a little time going through “Wealth shown to scale” to prepare for a future post here. It’s eye-opening.)

I feel people are people. One point we try to make in different ways in the Dream Chasing 101 book (self-serving plug) is travel gives one the opportunity to recognize that people everywhere and in every culture and within every religion and regardless of their economic condition … every (OK, almost every) person is good-hearted, cares about their family, is willing to work for what they want. They are, as I often heard growing up in East Texas … good people.

I feel, regardless of how good a person is, he or she may not get the same breaks, is sometimes held back from perhaps magnificent potential because of something as minor as not being able to afford a babysitter. Those who do not care about feelings respond, “She should get up and do something about it.” That is your privilege speaking. Many have neither bootstraps nor boots with which to pull themselves up.

I feel Trump’s actions to punish people seeking amnesty from possible oppression was abhorrent in the eyes of humanity, but his move to separate families, to lock up children … that established a new low for our nation.

I feel basic health care for all people is a noble goal. I feel reserving health care for only those of financial means is basically a sin.

I feel that a politician who ignores the advice of specialists simply because he’s arrogant and craves total attention is disgusting, and I feel that when doing so leads to death and misery, it should be criminal.

I feel anyone who chooses to flout the ways in which we’re killing this planet is surely establishing record levels of selfishness and ignorance. I feel we have the means and technology to avert global climate catastrophe if it’s not too late.

I feel the United States was in a favorable position to react wisely to the COVID-19 virus when it first broke out because it was concentrated in China, Italy and Spain, giving us a chance to see what was happening and make preparations. I feel Trump and his cronies threw away that potential head-start because they could not see a public relations move in it. (Ironically, the potential was ripe, but they could not bring themselves to utilize their educated advisors.)

I feel any positive future for the human race rests heavily upon us incorporating the leadership of women.

I feel Republicans are scared to death of minority voters, hence their multiple efforts to make voting more difficult for people of color.

I feel most cops start off good, but too many of the good ones sacrifice that standing by not standing up to the bad ones. And, yes, there are bad ones.

I feel Trump is admitting that he knew about a Russian bounty on U.S. soldiers by the fact he refuses to address the issue.

I feel people who stand up for the rights of other people are among the greatest of American patriots.

Lastly, for now … I feel more and more people are moving away from Trump and the radical right as their eyes have been opened to atrocities. All are welcomed to the side of people who have feelings for other people. And we don’t give a f___ what haters think about that.

2 responses to “F___ Your Feelings

  1. Once Again With Feeling August 5, 2020 at 5:56 pm

    Great post Steve!

    There’s a misunderstanding for many people that hate is the opposite of love. I blame a famous song that says there’s a fine line between love and hate.

    But, although there may be a fine line between the two, there’s a big difference when it comes to actual feelings. The opposite of love is not hate but rather it is indifference. One utilizes feeling and the other is absent of all feeling.

    So, Trump 2020-F___ Your Feelings seems rather appropriate for an entire political party. A party that has shown an absence of feeling toward human beings and complicit with, to name a few:
    A president allowing a foreign country to use others to hunt down US soldiers.
    A president who disrespects highly decorated military members.
    A president who believes 1000 deaths per day is “it is what it is”.
    A president who bungled the worst American pandemic.
    A president who pays a prostitute to cheating on his wife.
    The list is endless but clearly it’s because not enough people within the current administration or the GOP seem to have any feelings about it.

    I’m happy to feel for the future of this country. I’m happy to know my feelings bother some people enough that they pay good money to plaster it across their property.

    But, I know the truth. It’s all veneer. They do have feelings and it’s all a fragile bubble of fear. The world is changing and only those who have the courage to show feelings of passion and care will adapt appropriately to it.

    They may want to F___ my feelings but if they have their way come Election Day, we’re all F___ed.

    Vote. With feeling.


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