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Nuclear Gaffigan

Sound horn. Speak up. Photo by Steve Martaindale

Oh, wow, just confirmed this morning that Jim Gaffigan, the World’s Cleanest Comedian, is actually flesh and blood and somewhat akin to us unclean people.

That is, he can honestly get angry and yell and even curse!

OK, let me backtrack a little before CNN reporter Daniel Dale fact-checks me like he did Donald Trump’s acceptance speech Thursday night, where he called out more than 20 false, exaggerated or misleading claims.

I don’t know if there really is such a title as “World’s Cleanest Comedian,” but I do know running a search for the term on Google turns up Jim Gaffigan, among others. I was watching one of his shows just a couple of weeks ago when he made some sort of indirect joke, perhaps a double entendre. He slipped into his bystander voice, saying in an aside, “I thought he was the clean comedian.” Reading it is not nearly as hilarious as hearing it.

Not only is he outrageously funny without dipping into curse words, he apparently has a policy to not dip into politics. That reputation is exactly what caused the Daily Beast to publish an article this morning, “Famously Apolitical Jim Gaffigan Finally Loses It Over Trump.”

Shortly, I was on Jim’s Twitter feed reading the entire rant. Here are some of my top picks.

This really started it off and it’s the perfect way to do so. It was actually preceded several minutes earlier by a tweet that said, simply, “RIP Truth,” with nothing but the time of day to indicate he was talking about Trump’s speech. I suspect, judging from the troll reference, that “RIP Truth” was understood by Trump supporters. I’m impressed with the way Jim opened with an apology and that he dropped in a colorful description of his trolls to signal that his “treat” might be a little different from his usual comments.

Maybe he *should* be doing political commentary during his stand up performances because the above tweet nailed it.

We’ve seen a parade of Republicans walking … running … away from Trump. He’s dangerous to everyone and is on the path to destroy the GOP, a truly horrendous prospect. (I know some Democrats are enjoying the thought of an obliterated Republican Party, but the truth is that we need opposition to keep democracy in line.) However, we know, don’t we, that huge swaths of the population merely pick a side and stick with it … regardless. That involves less thinking and absolutely no introspection. They then go to battle (pardon me, that’s probably a bad image right now) for their side on the assumption its right because … drumroll, please … it’s their side. Or, as Jim says, “but he’s a traitor and a con man who doesn’t care about you.”

Another deeply insightful comment is, “you enjoy pissing people off.” That’s something I’ve been saying all along. It’s as clear as the hatred on their faces that their greatest pleasure is to anger “libs.”

But Jim wasn’t limiting himself to the president.

That’s pretty self-descriptive, but I would like to add that I read (I did not watch the Republican convention) Pam Bondi made a charge of nepotism against Joe Biden. Oh, the irony.

This one I find particularly sweet.

Obviously, he was reading comments and some were threatening that his getting political (against their savior) would ruin his career. Jim’s point was that Trump is wrecking it for everyone. That’s why the comedian is opening up. Not spoken is my suspicion Jim will pick up even more fans because he’s willing to stand up to a tyrant.

This is pretty much a repeat of something said earlier but with one more point.

The line “he insults people that make you and me feel dumb” covers so much. Trump wants everyone to believe he’s a genius. Granted, I don’t think he’s as stupid as his conduct would lead one to suspect, but he’s in no way a genius. Additionally, a president must make decisions in more fields than anyone can be expert and must, therefore, rely on truly intelligent and informed people. That’s Trump’s greatest failing as a leader, he refuses to accept anyone as smarter than him.

Also, Trumpers are not all stupid. But they do seem to take a lot of pleasure in thinking they’re smarter than professors and scientists and, well, any expert.

I’m just going to leave this one here for now. We’ll talk about it more in the future because the Republicans are going whole hog in selling the fear that Biden is going all-out socialist. They’ve already made their sheep believe all socialism is bad. (Hint, we depend on it every day.)

If you want to read them all, visit Jim Gaffigan’s Twitter feed and scroll down to the evening of Aug. 27, 2020.

So, why is this important?

Those of us who do not normally get involved in politics or political discussions need to change that mindset. It’s understandable because it can be difficult. Plus, it’s usually not a big deal who’s elected. For all the reasons Jim listed … and more … this election is a huge deal. The run toward fascism must be stopped by removing Trump and those coddling him. To discourage others from trying it again for a very long time, we must make it as lopsided a win as possible.

It is now 67 days until the election, but most of us will have the chance to vote early. Go to, a site by the League of Women Voters, make sure you’re registered, learn when you can vote, make a plan, take a friend.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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