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Author of the JP Weiscarver Mystery Series

Warning to Trump supporters

I’ve not said this in a while, so it bears repeating and emphasizing as we sit only 42 days from the election.

If you wholeheartedly support Trump and/or what the Republican Party has become, the political items I write on this blog or share on Facebook are not intended for you.

My desire is to encourage non-voters to register, study and vote. Of course, I will tell them of reasons why they should vote for Democrats. (Eventually, I also plan to explain to them that I’m not really a Democrat and even make a pitch for why it may be important that the Grand Old Party be saved.)

If that applies to you, what should you do now?

If you’re following this blog because you’re a friend but cannot stomach hearing how vile is the current administration, then quit following me for a while. Instead, start following the site about the adventures of my wife Leah and me – Dream Chasing 101.

If you and I are friends on Facebook and you are bothered by my posts that, for instance, insist all people should have the same rights even if you don’t like them, then unfriend me and follow instead the Dream Chasing 101 account.

If you follow me on this blog or on Facebook because you want to keep up with my mystery novels, you can find out when “The Reporter and the Apples” is published (soon!) by following the Facebook page of my lead character, JP Weiscarver. I plan to share on JP’s page any related posts made here. Like that, you can shoot straight to that article without seeing anything about how Trump ignoring the pandemic has cost us many more lives than it should.

If you’re following me on Twitter, you should have already dropped me because that’s more than 99 percent political.

It’s OK!

Don’t worry about hurting my feelings if you unfriend me. I greatly prefer that to seeing someone who’s been a longtime buddy declare allegiance to a racist, misogynistic, lying traitor. My feelings have already been hurt to the point where there’s not much left.

But, hey, it’s also all right if you just cannot deal with the reality that’s being dumped on us these days. Maybe you are only online for kittens and unicorns. I understand. It is my hope you’ll be able to muster enough resolve to at least go to the polls and help save our country, but I feel your pain.

Not OK

Please understand I am not holding a discussion, I’m not entertaining opposing views. We are long past the point of a debate. Republicans are still trying to take health insurance away from people, our COVID-19 death toll still climbs dramatically, our global standing still slides, the planet itself is still threatened. Trump has been given too many chances to become presidential, to demonstrate a willingness to help anyone but the rich, to just show that he can do something good. In most of those opportunities, he has failed. Most Republican leaders, to my great disappointment, have been just as bad.

No more playing nice.

This blog is mine. If you want to argue what I say, do so on your own blog. Your comments will not be posted here.

On my Facebook page, such comments will be deleted. If you become a pain, you will be blocked.

Is that right? Well, it’s not the way I’d like to do things, but Trump and his minions have done such a good job of selling lies to people, there is no point in arguing. Maybe they really believe him, but it’s been so obvious for so long that he is evil that I can no longer make excuses for his followers. The only thing that makes sense is that they agree with him in his hatred and oppression of most people on this planet.

Again, if you’re still reading, that’s not who I’m talking to here. I cannot convince them they should care for other people. If that compassion is lost, they’re lost.

So, these messages are for those who have not yet been inspired to vote, those who have recently come of age, those who are new citizens and maybe have felt discouraged to vote. We need you to rise up, get to the polls and stand up for Americans, our country, indeed the world in general.

It is now 42 days until the election, but most of us will have the chance to vote early. Go to, a site by the League of Women Voters, make sure you’re registered, learn when you can vote, make a plan, take a friend.

One response to “Warning to Trump supporters

  1. pfinnemore September 22, 2020 at 3:45 pm

    We are known by the company we keep. I’m not sure where i first heard these words, maybe from my mother. I’m proud to keep company with you.


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