Steve Martaindale

Author of the JP Weiscarver Mystery Series

Be a hero

Native American prayer cloths on Black Elk Peak, South Dakota. Photo by Steve Martaindale

Would you like to earn a spot in history? Be a part of a movement that changes the world? Go to sleep at night justifiably feeling like a hero?

We are only 22 days from the general election. Indeed, early voting has already started in many states. For example, Georgia voting got under way this morning with long lines of people willing to spend the morning waiting to cast ballots, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Guarded optimism has crept into many of us anxiously awaiting election returns. (Side note, it is 100 days until the next presidential inauguration.) That confidence is reflected in an Oct. 7 article in The Atlantic, “The November Surprise – What if everyone showed up to vote this year?”

We have every reason to expect a large increase in turnout in my home state of Texas, as well, which begins early voting tomorrow. Since I have a lot of Texans who follow here, allow me to recommend to you an excellent source of voting information for the Lone Star State.

The Texas Tribune has a Texas Elections 2020 app carrying the exhaustive but comprehensive headline, “Voting in Texas during the pandemic: Everything you need to know about the 2020 general election.” Enter your residential address and it populates the page with information specific to you. It also covers all the necessary deadlines and requirements.

Make a plan to vote. If at all possible, vote early. Doing so lightens the pressure on election day and minimizes you missing out because of some unexpected conflict, such as illness or bad weather.

Turn out, vote Democrat up and down the ballot, and become part of a historic movement to save a country. We need numbers large enough to blow away the lies and threats from the occupant administration. Don’t be shy; embrace your inner hero.

Oh, and have a good Indigenous Peoples’ Day!

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