13. English

This way is down … just in case you’re confused.

The English language has by no means conquered the world … but it’s much closer than any other.

In almost any touristy area, English is available for most things. Also, people interacting with tourists usually have functionality in English, at least as it applies to their role.

Signs are also readily available in many areas, but translations sometimes lack clarity and can be downright entertaining.

From here, I will let pictures convey thousands of words.

Truth in advertising … “probably” the best ribs.
all alcohols
Do not bring *all* alcohols … leave some to celebrate your return.








Dress politelly
Yes … politelly.











Watch for that harmful from monkeys.
Not smoking
Besides, it’s bad for your healthing.
Potty instructions
Lastly, somewhat appropriately, instructions for use of a squat toilet.








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