Steve Martaindale

Author of the JP Weiscarver Mystery Series

Steve’s Books

The JP Weiscarver mystery series

Marmot coverThe Reporter and the Marmot

Book Five of the series

Reporter JP Weiscarver loves solving a mystery, especially if it takes him to Mount Rushmore and Yellowstone National Park. His knack for taking some obscure event and turning it into case-cracking evidence is particularly tested because nobody knows murders are being carried out. During all of this, JP finds himself confronting a life-changing decision of his own.

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The_Reporter Book CoverThe Reporter, a Ferret and a Hurricane

Book One of the series

Little notice is taken when an elderly woman dies at home. JP Weiscarver’s assignment is merely to write a background piece on her life, but the intervention of a pet ferret steers the reporter to a darker story line.

Months later, the city of Oldport prepares for a monstrous hurricane, but Hurricane Clarice reveals some unscrupulous activities and lives are placed in jeopardy.

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 "The Reporter and the Penguin"The Reporter and the Penguin

Book Two of the series

JP earns a chance to report on scientific research in Antarctica, where he stumbles upon what might have been a cover-up in a presumed accidental death.

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The_Reporter_and_the_Cover_for_KindleThe Reporter and the Rose

Book Three of the series

JP returns from Antarctica to Oldport just in time for Valentine’s Day, for which he’s preparing a nice little story about flowers. Thorns steal the lead when a rose delivery reveals a homicide victim.

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Sloth coverThe Reporter and the Sloth

Book Four of the series

JP joins a hiking club of over-the-hill baseball players to explore a nearly forgotten trail. A pleasant trek turns serious with a grisly discovery.

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