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The JP Weiscarver mystery series

The_Reporter Book CoverThe Reporter, a Ferret and a Hurricane

Book One of the series

Little notice is taken when an elderly woman dies at home. JP Weiscarver’s assignment is merely to write a background piece on her life, but the intervention of a pet ferret steers the reporter to a darker story line.

Months later, the city of Oldport prepares for a monstrous hurricane, but Hurricane Clarice reveals some unscrupulous activities and lives are placed in jeopardy.

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 "The Reporter and the Penguin"The Reporter and the Penguin

Book Two of the series

JP earns a chance to report on scientific research in Antarctica, where he stumbles upon what might have been a cover-up in a presumed accidental death.

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The_Reporter_and_the_Cover_for_KindleThe Reporter and the Rose

Book Three of the series

JP returns from Antarctica to Oldport just in time for Valentine’s Day, for which he’s preparing a nice little story about flowers. Thorns steal the lead when a rose delivery reveals a homicide victim.

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Sloth coverThe Reporter and the Sloth

Book Four of the series

JP joins a hiking club of over-the-hill baseball players to explore a nearly forgotten trail. A pleasant trek turns serious with a grisly discovery.

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Marmot coverThe Reporter and the Marmot

Book Five of the series

Reporter JP Weiscarver loves solving a mystery, especially if it takes him to Mount Rushmore and Yellowstone National Park. His knack for taking some obscure event and turning it into case-cracking evidence is particularly tested because nobody knows murders are being carried out. During all of this, JP finds himself confronting a life-changing decision of his own.

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The Reporter and the Apples

Book Six of the series

When a local restaurant critic makes a career of berating businesses, there is an ample supply of suspects when he dies under mysterious circumstances. Journalist JP Weiscarver – with the help of his usual team of co-workers, plus a potential love interest – follows his reporter’s nose down an even more disturbing path.

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