The Reporter and the Penguin

Officially, Shane Peltzer had walked into the Antarctic interior to his death a year ago. Reporter JP Weiscarver has no reason to suspect otherwise when he wins an opportunity to write about scientific research on the southernmost continent.

Exploring possible crimes is not his job on the Ice and he’s not even sure everyone wants the truth uncovered, but his nose for news and the input of a flightless bird compel him to take a closer look at the mysterious disappearance.

The result is even colder than he could have expected.
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Another great read (5 stars)

Once again Mr. Martaindale has done a fine job of telling a story. This time JP Weiscarver has found his way to a job in Antarctica and has come across a death that shall we say is fast becoming a “cold case.” At the very least it should be considered “unusual” and at the most “murder.” Along the way, the author does an excellent job of describing what the scientists and support staff have to go through just to get to and to survive at the “Bottom of the World.” Recent workers in Antarctica will recognize many of the characters, especially the wonderful cook at Black Island. The twist at the end leaves us wondering where JP will surface next.

— by Bow Tie Guy on Amazon

Weiscarver-ite (5 stars)

Another great read by Steve Martaindale! JP Weiscarver is such a great character to read and I can’t wait for his next adventure!

— by Celeste O. on Amazon

(5 stars)

It gives a detailed description of what it is like to work in Antarctica. The mystery was very cleverly done.

— by Judy Bochner on Goodreads

Fun read! (4 stars)

Steve’s life experience comes through clearly in his books. What fun reads! I love getting a behind the scenes look at life as a reporter. I can’t wait to read “rose” and see what comes next for JP. Thanks, Steve!

— by Richard R Edghill on Amazon

An enjoyable read (4 stars)

Knowing the author does not hurt but I enjoy Steve’s story series. He writes in a way that keeps your interest but does not overwhelm you with unnecessary fillers.

— by Dale 73 on Amazon

(5 stars)

I love Steve’s fun mysteries!!!

— by Kimberly Ann on Goodreads

Fun and history (5 stars)

Another great book from Steve Martaindale! A little history and a lot of fun to read! Highly recommend this book!

— by granny on Amazon

Great mystery series (5 stars)

Although the story is fictional, it gives an insider’s view of living and working in Antarctica, since the author had worked as a writer there. The story is meant for adults, but it has no graphic sex or violence. It is an interesting mystery with very likeable characters, many of whom can be found in the other Reporter books.

— by Amazon Customer on Amazon

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