The Reporter and the Sloth

JP Weiscarver, like most reporters, is usually hesitant to walk out on a breaking story, but he gave little thought to a missing celebrity as he left the Oldport Odds and Ends newspaper a fun day-long assignment, hiking a 12-mile trail with a group of former professional baseball teammates with spouses and guests.

Miles down the trail, the hikers come upon a recently deceased body. While two of them hike out for help, the others wait. JP gradually learns the identity of the dead man and that at least three members of the group had unpleasant histories with him.

Could it be the killer is among the hikers?

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Another smash hit by the author (4 stars)

Another great story in this mystery series. Steve really writes well and keeps you interested on all pages. I highly recommend this book and if you have not read any of his books, then you need to start with the first one ” The Reporter, a Ferret, and a Hurricane.”

— by Dale 73 on Amazon

(4 stars)

Just started this series a month ago. I like them. This most recent one has a great discussion of baseball. Little known fact: a friend and I had field passes one year to do photos during Columbus (OH) Clippers games. This was back in the late 1970s. Made friends with the players — one is still on my Xmas card list. Really enjoyed the few pages on the game, and look forward to the next adventure with the team.

— Mary June-el on Goodreads

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