Follow the candidates

Sure, we have a huge election coming up in November, but first are the primaries, where we determine who will ride the Blue Wave. In Texas, that’s coming up soon … March 6.

Are you familiar with everyone who’s running? Below is a list of Twitter handles for those on the ballot in state races. You can find all races listed on this Texas Tribune site.

I gathered these Twitter handles through simple searches and surely missed some. Those I did not find are marked with “NA” and I will update the list when you share a valid handle with me.

Some candidates without a Twitter account did have a Facebook page and/or a website. Some had almost no presence whatsoever.

Let’s do our research and vote wisely.

U.S. Senate

D            Beto O’Rourke                                 @BetoORourke

D            Edward Kimbrough                         NA

D            Sema Hernandez                             @SemaForTexas ‏

R             Bruce Jacobson, Jr.                         @BruceJacobsonJr

R             Geraldine Sam                                 NA

R             Mary Miller                                       @marysenate2018

R             Stefano de Stefano                         @StefanoforTx

R             Ted Cruz (Incumbent)                    @tedcruz



D            Adrian Ocegueda                            @TxReason

D            Andrew White                                 @randrewwhite

D            Cedric Davis, Sr.                              @Cedric4Texas

D            Demetria Smith                               @dsmith9550

D            Grady Yarbrough                             NA

D            James Jolly Clark                             NA

D            Jeffrey Payne                                    @Jeffrey4Texas

D            Joe Mumbach                                   @realjoemumbach

D            Lupe Valdez                                      @LupeValdez ‏

D            Tom Wakely                                     @TexansforTom

R             Barbara Krueger                              NA

R             Greg Abbott (Incumbent)              @GovAbbott

R             SECEDE Kilgore                                @SECEDEKilgore


Lieutenant Governor

D            Michael Cooper                               @Cooper4Texas

D            Mike Collier                                      @CollierForTexas

R             Dan Patrick (Incumbent)                @DanPatrick

R             Scott Milder                                      @smilder


Attorney General

D            Justin Nelson                                    @NelsonforTexas

R             Ken Paxton (Incumbent)                @KenPaxtonTX


Comptroller of Public Accounts

D            Joi Chevalier                                     NA

D            Tim Mahoney                                   NA

R             Glenn Hegar (Incumbent)              @Glenn_Hegar


Land Commissioner

D            Miguel Suazo                                   @MrMiguelSuazo

D            Tex Morgan                                      @tex_morgan

R             Davey Edwards                                @_D4TX

R             George P. Bush (Incumbent)         @georgepbush

R             Jerry Patterson                                @Patterson4TX

R             Rick Range                                        NA


Commissioner of Agriculture

D            Kim Olson                                         @KimOlson4TxAg

R             Jim Hogan                                         N A

R             Sid Miller (Incumbent)                   @MillerForTexas

R             Trey Blocker                                     @TreyBlocker


Railroad Commissioner

D            Chris Spellmon                                 @ChrisSforTXRC

D            Roman McAllen                               @RomanMcAllen

R             Christi Craddick (Incumbent)        @ChristiCraddick

R             Weston Martinez                            @WestonMartinez


Supreme Court of Texas

Place 2

D            Steven Kirkland                                @stevenkirkland

R             Jimmy Blacklock                              NA

Place 4

D            R.K. Sandill                                        @rks127th

R             John Devine (Incumbent)              NA

Place 6

D            Kathy Cheng                                     NA

R             Jeff Brown (Incumbent)                 @judgejeffbrown


Texas Court of Criminal Appeals

Place 1

D            Maria T. (Terri) Jackson                 NA

R             David Bridges                                   @judgedlb

R             Sharon Keller (Incumbent)            NA

Place 7

D            Ramona Franklin                             @ramonaforjudge

R             Barbara Parker Hervey (Incumbent)          NA

Place 8

R             Dib Waldrip                                       @DibWaldrip

R             Jay Brandon                                      NA

R             Michelle Slaughter                          NA