Fall back; regroup

Windmill Tilting    I made a decision last night to lay off trying to change the world through social media.
For decades, I’ve shouldered the task of addressing innumerable topics within newspaper editorials and my personal columns. On occasion, I have done the same from my Facebook and Twitter accounts. No longer do I intend to expend any more energy than liking, sharing or commenting on posts. (That’s the plan, anyway.)
Am I giving up?

No, I am changing battlefields.
My mystery novels are not great works of literature; I just hope they are fun escapes. However, I like to think they carry something of a message, too. Not overt, beat-you-over-the-head lessons, but a subtle endorsement of a good life.
So, instead of worrying too much over trying to save the world through my few Facebook friends, I’m throwing myself … again … into moving forward with my JP Weiscarver stories.
Oh, and you should see me posting here more regularly as well. Again, that’s the plan.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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