Long and short of it

They’re no longer teaching longhand in school, I’m told, or soon will cease. Some people are aghast at the idea youngsters today are not learning the same things we did; I, however, have no problem with that.

Let’s face it, longhand (or “script” or “real writing”) is no longer that important. If one needs words placed on paper, more often than not they will be keyed into a computer and printed. If it’s more convenient to tackle the information with a pen and paper, there’s always printing. They’re still teaching that.

A benefit is that printing is much easier to read than longhand. If I am handwriting something someone else is expected to read, I must slow to quarter-speed to make it legible. However, I can type with the wind … or at least a breeze.

So, longhand is going the route of the slide rule. If this bothers you, consider the benefit.
Through the years, I’ve occasionally enjoyed carrying an old slide rule to work just to impress the “kids” with what you can do on two sticks. Think how you’ll be able to show off with just a pen and paper.

Pens and Pencils


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