Love, don’t hate

Feel free to share.
Feel free to share.

Let’s keep this simple.

Love, don’t hate.

Whom should you love instead of hate?

African-American. Agnostic. Atheist. Blue-collar worker. Buddhist. Business owner. Care-giver. Child. Christian. Civil rights activist. Coffee Partier. Conservative. Democrat. Divorced. Employed. Empty nester. Firearms owner. Former spouse. Gay. Gun control advocate. Hindu. Home owner. Immigrant. Independent. Jew. Latino. Law enforcement officer. Lesbian. Liberal. Libertarian. Married. Mormon. Muslim. Native. Native American. Non-sinner. Orphan. Parent. Patient. Poor. Progressive. Pro-lifer. Protestant. Protester. Redneck. Renter. Republican. Retiree. Roman Catholic. Single. Sinner. Spouse. Straight. Tea Partier. Unemployed. Veteran. Wealthy. White. Women’s rights advocate. Yankee.

And anyone who doesn’t fit any of these categories.

Any questions?

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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