‘We got cows’

Friday Flick logoSome movies come along that are just plain ol’ fun, but to thoroughly enjoy them one must be willing to embrace or, at least, put aside concerns about accuracy and believability.

Let’s face it, there are scenes in “Twister” (1996) that you and I both know just couldn’t happen the way they’re depicted. At the very least, having a string of such improbable events pushes it past the level of acceptance.

Unless …

Unless the viewer decides, “I want to become part of the madness.” At that point, one can just go with the story as the truck barrels through a rolling house and yell out, “Here comes the teddy bear!”

That’s what happened in my family. My daughter and I memorized many of the lines – I think she may have memorized them all – and took pride in picking out some of the movie’s loveable flaws. One of my favorites was when they were driving the back roads of Oklahoma and there was a Texas farm-to-market road sign in the background.

All in all, I gave “Twister” a 9 out of 10 on my Internet Movie Database rankings. Why? Not because it’s a great piece of film-making but because it’s that much fun.

We still quote lines, almost 19 years later. There are too many to get into, such as “Debris! We got debris!” and “I gotta go Julia, we got cows.”

What’s your favorite for-the-fun-of-it movie? And/or, what’s your favorite part of “Twister”?

At last count, there are 274 movies that I’ve rated 8-10 stars on Internet Movie Database, better known as IMDb. Each Friday, I will pick one of these movies and post something about it. To make sure you miss nothing, pick one of the ways to follow me from the column to the right. As always, leave a comment and share with your friends.

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