I don’t need anything

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????Growing up, we often heard from grandparents that they “don’t need anything,” making it difficult to shop for them and causing us to think they’re just saying that for some reason.

And then, with a little luck, we get to the point where our actual needs are well enough satisfied. Sure, the house isn’t made for a movie star and the vehicle doesn’t turn heads. Our clothing purchases are based more on comfort than style. One day, however, we realize we really don’t need anything.

This hit home the other day with the question, “What would you do differently if we won several million dollars in a lottery?”

We love our RV lifestyle. We owe nothing on anything. There’s no way we want to buy a house with a foundation right now.

The only thing I could say was I would travel. That’s really it.

And travel, as much as I’d like to believe otherwise, isn’t a genuine “need.”

So, yes, I don’t need anything.

What about you?

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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