Explain this to me

Pinterest_Badge_RedWhat is it I’m missing about Pinterest?

Judging from all the excitement I hear from others, there’s something I’m not doing right.

So … hit up the comments box and educate me. And, if it helps, my Pinterest handle is smartaindale.


7 thoughts on “Explain this to me”

  1. I use Pinterest a lot to find new recipes and ideas for my hobbies. I don’t have much free time for crafting right now, so I love being able to pin stuff for later all in one place rather than trying to keep a running list of links that I won’t be able to find by the time I can get more than a few minutes to myself again someday. I do get a little annoyed that Pinterest now inundates users with the “picked for you” pins. I find that if I pin one recipe for the world’s best fried chicken, I get 30 more in my feed the next day. I really don’t need that many recipes for the same thing. I also have a harder time seeing what my actual friends have pinned, so it’s lost some of the personal aspect that I enjoyed.

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    1. Thanks. I’m going to try to use it the way you and Jerrie described. I’m adept at deleting e-mails, but I’ll also see if I can address that in the settings somewhere. I pinned something this morning simply because I wanted to be able to read it later; I like that.


  2. So, what does this mean? Only two folks were inspired to respond and one of them isn’t exactly supportive of the concept. However, Jerrie’s enthusiasm is infectious. The idea of creating a Pinterest board as a repository for things I want to read later is quite interesting. My current habit is to leave a tab open and soon I have waaaay too many tabs and it bombs my computer. Maybe I can make this work better. Thanks. Any other thoughts?


  3. I LOVE it because I like to make things and post the things I have made. I get inspiration for cards I would like to make. I really like that I can pin articles that I hope I will someday have time to go back and read. It is better than that huge stack of magazines I used to have sitting by my bedside, the huge notebook of torn out magazine articles that used to sit next to them. Not enough people pin original pins which is a bit of a bummer. Think of it this way Steve. It is like fantasy football or baseball. You can have the world’s greatest cookbook because it only has the stuff you love. Or you can have the world’s greatest beauty book (not maybe YOU) because it only has tips for people who have your type of skin or hair or nails. I have a board that lists the books I have read and another that lists the books i want to read. It is a place to go when you want to recharge a creative battery and a place to go to share what you create.

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  4. You just don’t have enough pins yet to be excited about this. Keep pinning and Pinterest will find things they think you will like. And you’ll get annoying messages telling you someone is following you (kind of creepy) or someone re pinned your pin. It will fill up your inbox and give you senseless emails to delete.


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