And the name is …

The name for the car salesperson in my next book is Kat McFarlen, as submitted by Catherine Salazar. The winning doesn’t stop there, but more after this.

Kat stood out because she does not follow the car salesperson stereotype, but my real reason for selecting her was because Catherine’s character definition opened up great possibilities for interactions between Kat and JP Weiscarver.

I’ll give you one bit from the nomination: “She chose a job at the car dealership because, ‘well, why not?’” To learn more, of course, you’ll have to read the next book.

Oh, I mentioned more winning.

My two other standout suggestions played up to the stereotypes. Understand, I do not have a problem with that for a minor character because, as I like to say, there’s often a reason for stereotypes. These two did such a good job of defining the characters that I decided to merge them into one and make him the sales manager.

Luke Condie suggested the name Lucas Slicky and Matt Roberson submitted Dickey Funkhouser. Since I just cannot bring myself to go with Dickey Slicky, I intend to use Lucas Funkhouser.

So, that’s three winners and three free books. Lucas Funkhouser might say, “Hold on there, Slick, or you’ll be giving away more than you’re selling,” but keep checking back as I continue writing through the book because I really want to have another contest later.

Thanks for the entries!

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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