Socially acceptable

Circling buzzardsI made a decision yesterday to try being less of a bur under the saddles of many of my Facebook friends. I’m taking it to Twitter and, to a lesser degree, here.

(Note: I’m speaking here of my personal Facebook page – steve.martaindale – and not the page of my books’ lead character, JP Weiscarver, which is linked to in the right column. JP is much better at keeping out of things like politics and religion.)

Over recent years, I’ve become more and more convicted about the ways humans abuse and destroy other humans. To a far lesser degree than I’ve actually wanted, I have engaged in Facebook quarrels over a lot of topics, knowing fully well I would achieve little but hoping “a little” would make it worthwhile.

As of yesterday, I’m toning that down out of respect for old friendships, people I love even if we disagree on what our nation should do to help political refugees, for example. I will continue to “like” or comment on other people’s posts but do not intend to initiate a conversation myself … on Facebook.

So, if you have any desire to keep up with both of my worlds, follow me on Twitter – @smartaindale – easily accomplished by clicking the button in the right column.

My website was established primarily as a way to inform readers about my books, but an old columnist knows better than to think he could go long without opining on current events.

Therefore, don’t be surprised if I come on here occasionally to speak my mind on something or if I promote it on Facebook. Remember, also, comments are open to clean entries.

Moving on

Our summer adventure is over and I’m anxiously wading into the completion of the next novel.

This is the third consecutive summer my wife and I have taken seasonal employment in some distant, fun location (Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore and this year at a New York theme park).

For the third time, I’ve failed to accomplish much writing while we’re away. To be honest, I was more honest with myself this year and didn’t really expect to do anything.

However, we have now parked our RV in its non-summer spot, I’ve made doctor visits in the big town and taken care of some chores related to a trip late this fall and … now … now …

Now, my desire is to actually treat writing more like a job, including posting here. I’ve never had honest deadlines and writing has come … and gone … in spurts. The time is now to treat my writing more like I want it to be treated – seriously – if that makes sense.

Come back tomorrow and I’ll post the opening scene from the book I’m currently working on.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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