All books now 99 cents each

Sloth coverHere’s a quick note with some timely information.

If you’re not caught up already, it’s time to do your homework to be prepared for the release of “The Reporter and the Marmot.” Why now? The first four books in my JP Weiscarver Mystery Series are now on sale on Amazon for 99 cents each.

99 cents each. How long will the sale last? I don’t know, so act now.

While each book stands alone, it’s more fun to read them in order because Nos. 2-4 fall back on previous events. You will find No. 5, “Marmot,” does so to an even greater degree. So, if you want to read them in order, here you go: No. 1: “Ferret”; No. 2: “Penguin”; No. 3: “Rose”; and No. 4: “Sloth.”

And don’t forget, you can even gift these books, still at 99 cents, by clicking the appropriate button on each book’s page.

Click this link,

to access the author page where all the books are listed. You can buy print editions there, as well, but they are not on sale.

A quick update on “Marmot.” While I still have a few things to do to it, the manuscript has gone out to 13 marvelous readers to put through their respective wringers. In other words, it’s getting close.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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