Help me and get free book

Marmot coverIt’s here, your chance to earn a free digital copy of my next book, “The Reporter and the Marmot,” even before it is released.

And it’s easier to earn than your grandmother’s love. Clicking this link will open my page in Kindle Scout. Scroll down just a little bit and you’ll see a button that says, “Nominate me.” Click it. If you’re a regular Scout reader or become one, see the final paragraph below.

At this point, you might have to enter your name and an email address if you’re not already logged in. It’s nothing nefarious, only so they can contact you at the end of the campaign and let you upload your free book even before its general release. (Or, tell you it was not accepted and they’ll send you a notice when I’ve published it myself. But we’re not going to let that happen, right?)

Why am I asking you to do this?

While I’ve enjoyed writing this series (“Marmot” is the fifth book), I’ve not been able to move much past my friends in sales. You’ve all been great and incredibly encouraging, but there is a greater potential out there. If accepted by this program, Kindle Scout will promote the book and give me a better chance at broadening my reader base and make continuing JP’s story worthwhile.

With that in mind, once you’ve nominated the book, please consider asking your friends to do the same. After all, they’ll get a free book, too, so it will be like you giving them a gift and it not costing you anything.

Here is the link for you and your friends:

If you are a regular Scout reader or if you become one, please take note. Nominations are not actually counted until the very end of the campaign (April 25). You are allowed only three nominations in your account at any one time, so you’ll want to make sure you keep “Marmot” in there until the end. The other option is to click “Save for later,” but remember to check back before the end of the program to officially nominate it.

Thanks for everything, but understand this, a grandmother’s love actually is easier to get.


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