Update on Scout program

IMG_0840Here’s a quick update on the effort to get my new book accepted into the Kindle Scout program (explained in the earlier post below).

First of all, they really do not give me much information. Additionally, if I’m reading between the lines correctly, it’s not like there is some magic number. The first thing they consider is the quality of the book, but the decision can be influenced by what kind of following the author has … hence our efforts here.

When it started two weeks ago, it started out with a bang, making Kindle Scout’s “Hot and Trending” list and staying there for 24 hours. A lot of the traffic, using the limited information provided me, came not from folks like you who visited the site through links I put out but from strangers surfing around looking at books.

After the first two days, traffic decreased substantially. (Outside the hot and trending designation, all they show me is the number of page views. I cannot assume everyone who visited actually nominated the book, especially the surfers who don’t know me.)

I put into effect Phase 2 of my plan earlier this week, contacting friends through private messages. That’s when things really started popping. Folks are responding incredibly. Not only are they nominating me (again, I cannot see the results, but friends often tell me they did so) but they are suggesting their friends do so as well. I’ve seen comments from many of them saying they also participated. That’s exciting.

The results so far: Wednesday, Kindle recorded 113 page visits. That’s more than I got on the opening day. The book also returned to the “hot and trending” list for the last nine hours of Wednesday.

Thursday, my wife and I went hiking, so I did not send out nearly as many letters, but the page still got 88 hits and was hot all day.

At this writing, late morning on Friday, I do not have any figures because they are updated only once a day, but I can look at the “hot and trending” list and see the book is still there. In fact, it moved up from the No. 19 spot this morning to the No. 6 spot right now.

My intention is to continue spreading out personal messages over the next several days. I do know Facebook, my principle vehicle, frowns on people sending too many messages at one time, but that’s OK because I don’t want everyone to nominate it at once. I’m hoping to even them out enough that I stay on the trending list. Not only does that look good, but it also gives me more exposure on the Scout page.

To sum up, I feel like things are going very well and I am overwhelmed by the support I’ve received. If you’ve not gotten a personal message from me, you probably will, though I have skipped over some people I’m pretty sure have already voted. However, you do not have to wait for the invite. Go to https://kindlescout.amazon.com/p/Y4VS53F55K7J now and nominate “The Reporter and the Marmot.”

Oh, and ask your friends to do the same, letting them know they will get a free e-book if the program is successful.

Thank you all.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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