I love you

2013-08-11 16.48.58 (2)

Just ran across a Facebook post:

“If you’re reading this, I love you.”

That was it. Knowing the person who posted it helps. She’s an incredibly sweet soul, a young woman with whom I worked at Yellowstone National Park three years ago. She loves the outdoors and is an avid fisherwoman and basically loves people and animals and probably trees.

See the theme here, how “love” keeps popping up?

I do not know what prompted her post, but I do know why it hit home with me.

I had seen a link online this morning about 20 people *injured* in a gay bar shooting in Orlando. We visited a church this morning near where we’re working for the summer and the preacher lifted up in prayer the 20 people *killed* in the shootings.

“He must have been mistaken,” I thought, not realizing it was still a developing story.

After we got home, I looked it up and found the truth: At the latest report, there were 50 people dead and more than 50 others hospitalized.

Some people will blame a religion that is not their own. Some people will blame homophobia. Some will blame the availability of guns. Some will blame law enforcement.

But for now …

For now, let us lift up in prayer those who have been affected. Let us look for ways to bring our world closer together. Let us look for ways to be helpful to people.

And let us love.

Let us love.

If you’re reading this, I love you.

2 thoughts on “I love you”

  1. Steve, I agree wholeheartedly. All the debate about the killer’s reasons divert us from caring for those who have died and are grief-stricken. Love is what matters–and what we are commanded to put foremost.


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