Steve Martaindale

Author of the JP Weiscarver Mystery Series

Instagram? Why not?

Dockside artwork in Horta

One of my debut photos on Instagram. This is from Horta, Portugal.

I’ve been told I should be on Instagram and, finally, I looked into it a few days ago.

I looked deeply into it because I just couldn’t believe you cannot run an Instagram account from a computer. Well, actually, you can do most things … except post photos!

But nope, unless you’re willing to go through some outlandish gyrations with third-party programs and several steps or syncing your computer and phone … it ain’t gonna happen.

That’s a problem for me because, while I take some quickie photos with my phone, the good stuff I do with a real camera and then download them onto my computer. From there, I can upload to my Website, Facebook, whatever … except for Instagram, of course.

Regardless. End of rant.

So, I scrolled through the photos on my phone this morning. Fortunately, I’ve had this unit more than two years (and will probably trade it in next month), so there is a pretty good selection. I uploaded 12 photos to kick off my Instagram experience. Yeah, count me in.

My username is stevemartaindale … give me a follow and I’ll start shooting more pics with my phone.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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