Street views


We took a city hike Thursday.

After riding into the central touristy area of Ao Nang with Catherine, Leah and I had breakfast and then slowly walked back to the house, taking many detours and making numerous stops.

The photo above looks down a short side street lined with shops. It is a tourist spot, so shops are everywhere. Most of them are small and obviously family owned. However, I’ve seen two McDonald’s, a Burger King and a Subway in town.


As for 7-Eleven, they seem to be on every block. I’ve seen two on a block at least twice.


I cannot offer any insight into this curbside offering that was placed in front of a business. In addition to the incense, there’s a bottle of water and some sort of food.


Here is an incredibly uncommon view of the main street. There is hardly anyone driving on it at this time. Traffic is a topic I will talk more about later, probably on the Expedition page.


We stopped in at the dive shop to visit with Catherine, our hostess here in Thailand.


And, of course, there was plenty of time to walk along the beach.

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