What’s in a name?

Eagle purchase
The day we bought our new home in June 2012.

Many of you may have paid little attention to RV model names; I hadn’t before we made one our full-time home. Ours is known as an Eagle, something that seems like a reasonable name.

Some of them, to be honest, don’t make as much sense.

A co-worker of ours, another full-timer, lives in a motor coach called a Hurricane. I mean, how is that a good name for your home?

But it’s not alone. Other RV models are named Cyclone, Vortex, Storm, Firestorm and Thunderbolt. Does any of those sound like a place to bed down every night?

What about Outlaw, Vengeance, Prowler or Ghost? Perhaps you’ll feel safer aboard Bullet, Arrow, Sabre or Slingshot.

Not all names are strange, to be sure. Animals, like our Eagle, are quite popular, ranging from Hummingbird to Kodiak.

Carnivores are well-represented, such as Lynx, Cougar, Puma, Wildcat, Wolf Pack, Grey Wolf and Wolf Pup.

Other majestic animals would include Bighorn, Silverback, Gazelle, Palomino, Thoroughbred, Bronco, Phoenix, White Hawk, Greyhawk and Redhawk.

On a smaller scale, I found Beaver, Koala, Sandpiper, Cardinal, Chinook and Hornet.


Were you aware there are so many different models of RVs?

Another category I called landscape, such as Sierra, Cross Terrain, Hill Country, Chaparral, Big Sky, Big Country, Sunnybrook, Riverstone, Autumn Ridge, North Trail, North Country, Gulf Breeze, Brookside, Mountain View, Mountain Aire, Sunset Creek and Aspen Trail.


A few were simply cute: See Ya, Funfinder and Zinger.

Finally, there are several I just cannot explain.

Trilogy – of what?

Lantern – to show you the way?

Ellipse – you know that’s just a special oval, right?

Cameo – they’re usually oval-shaped, so maybe there is something to that ellipse thing.

Octane – why not just call it Regular-or-Ethyl?

Dune Chaser – seriously, how difficult is it to catch a dune and, when you do, what do you propose to do with it?

Torque – “noun, a twisting force that tends to cause rotation,” just cannot be a desirable quality in an RV.

Rage’n – this is absolutely unsettling.

And …

Hathaway – Jane?

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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