91. Immigrants

Port Aransas Oct. 2015 IMG_0308

It is 91 days until the next U.S. congressional midterm election. If you live in Ohio’s 12th congressional district, please vote today for Danny O’Connor.

So, the Trump Administration is in the news today talking about plans to limit citizenship for even legal immigrants. Of course, he would do it without running it through Congress.

Robert Reich, former secretary of the Department of Labor, released a short video recently titled “7 truths about immigration (in less than 70 seconds).”

 Watch the video. It’s short. Also, underneath the video is a list of the seven truths with links to supporting information.

What may be the biggest point in the eyes of Baby Boomers is that America needs more immigrants, not fewer, because our population is rapidly aging. That is, we need more workers paying into Social Security.

He also mentions that most immigrants do not take jobs from native-born Americans and they are significantly less likely to commit violent crimes.

Click here for his video. I also suggest you look at some of his other work.

Register to vote, get educated, vote with a full brain and heart.

One thought on “91. Immigrants”

  1. A woman in this are owns a landscaping business. This year, she has to do most of the work herself because she can’t find workers. Many have returned to Mexico or Central America, and no locals will do the work.


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