87. Resist, rest, resist

Resist every day

It is 87 days until the next U.S. congressional midterm election.

I’m tired.

And I cannot imagine what it’s like for those who are deeply involved in fighting the tyrants Republicans have become. I’m just a guy out in the world who speaks his mind, even though it’s questionable anyone hears, and even I am tired. They must be exhausted.

I started a new summer job last week (my wife and I are retired but work summers to feed our traveling habit) and it requires me to work outside in the sun all day with a lot of walking around. That has left me physically wasted.

But that’s not the tired that really gets to me.

I have written, over the years, five books in the JP Weiscarver Mystery Series. The latest was published more than two years ago and I was already at work on No. 6. After the 2016 election, I just kind of shut down when it came to working on my book. There was so much going on that I could not focus on being creative.

It’s still true. I made an effort or two, but nothing has lasted. My hope now is to get back to work on it in mid-November after a crushing Blue Wave sets change into motion.

When I started this 100-day countdown to the Nov. 6 election, I knew it would be a challenge to post something every day. I knew some days would be nothing more than a clever meme; they could not all be deep pieces.

We need rest. It’s a message I’ve seen repeated by many in the Resistance: Take care of yourself so you can fight another day.

All I’ve been asking of you during this series is to register and vote Democrat. However, if you do some research and find that you think Democrats will help restore our nation, please consider joining the campaign.

A shared burden makes for a lighter load.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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