75. Not normal

It is 75 days until the next U.S. congressional midterm election.

It is important to remember that what is happening now in our country is not normal. For example, here is a collection of headlines at the top of The New York Times web page this evening:

“Attorney General Pushes Back on Trump Attack, Saying Justice Will Stay Independent.” Follow the link and the head atop the story says, “Trump Denounces Justice Dept. as Investigations Swirl Around Him.”

“This Conspiracy Theory Should Worry Trump.” (Opinion)

“President Trump’s tweet on South Africa redistributing farmland seemed to endorse a common claim of white supremacists.”

“With a Vocabulary from ‘Goodfellas,’ Trump Evokes the Wiseguys of New York.”

“David Pecker, American Media Chief, Is Said to Have Immunity in Trump Inquiry.”

“Manhattan D.A. Eyes Criminal Charges Against Trump Organization.”

“The Tax-Cut Con Goes On.” (Opinion)

“President Trump’s lawyers urged him not to consider pardons for ex-aides until the special counsel inquiry was over.”

“Congress, Do Your Job.” (Editorial)

To be clear, these were all displayed at the same time; it’s not a week’s collection.

No, this is not normal.

Register. Tell a friend. Vote Blue.



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