65. Labor Day

Labor Day

It is 65 days until the next U.S. congressional midterm election.

Hope you’re enjoying your Labor Day weekend. Kicked back and taking it easy. Good food and fun times.

Don’t worry about the current Republican leadership cutting taxes – hugely – to the ultra-rich, who instead of passing any more than a pittance down to employees are instead buying back stock to further enrich themselves. Don’t consider how the massive decrease in federal income (due to the tax cut to the rich) has already been used as an excuse to eliminate planned cost-of-living raises to federal employees, not to mention the cuts in public services that will occur.

Don’t give a second thought to how Republicans are primed to ram through a Supreme Court appointment without an honest appraisal by the full Senate, even though the president who made the appointment is now considered an unindicted co-conspirator in federal laws violations that may very well have contributed to him stealing the office.

Don’t let that ruin your holiday.

Tuesday, however, get back to the business of making sure you’re registered to vote, learning about the candidates and which are lying to you, educating your friends and making plans to vote.

Happy Labor Day.

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