61. Pray


It is 61 days until the next U.S. congressional midterm election.

I cannot say how many different ways I’ve heard people make a statement or raise a question similar to that in the above tweet.

To be fair, Trump didn’t begin this. The Tea Party movement, in an amazing act of larceny, had already assumed public claim to God and Christ and many evangelicals began linking their professed religious beliefs to a political party or movement. Somehow, they managed to convince their followers that liberals were something akin to the antichrist, never mind that what liberals talked about – feeding the hungry, housing the poor, bringing justice to the oppressed, etc. – were things Christ taught.

One example, about four years ago, an old friend who thought he knew me much better than he did, expressed his concern that I had wandered from my religious background. I finally had to unfriend him to cease his intrusions into my life.

Another, the other day, a friend mentioned that his relationship with his father had become heavily strained. His dad felt my friend’s progressive leanings indicated he had drifted from his religious upbringing.

Then there’s Trump. While he bragged about grabbing women by the genitalia against their will, had publicly cheated on each of his three wives, had a court record of denying housing to people because of the color of their skin, had repeatedly cheated laborers of their earnings, had proven he was quick to lie about something and then lie about lying about it … just to scratch the surface … while this example of how to not live a New Testament life was prodding followers to exert violence against other people … the people of the religious right somehow crowned him all but the second coming. Some, it seems, haven’t yet ruled out that he’s the returning savior.

Please understand they do not represent all Christians. Personally, I am strengthened in my resolve by my current minister and some previous pastors. They stand ready to preach the Gospel in the face of the lies perpetrated by the far right. You know, such as preaching about loving strangers and refugees, taking care of people in need, pursuing justice … radical things like that.

Let me wrap this up before you think I’ve wandered totally off-course of the mission of this countdown to the election.

If you are a person of faith and have been led to believe Democrats are anti-religious or maybe even anti-Christian … don’t believe it.

What most Democrats are against is having religion – any religion – run the government. You know, like our founding fathers declared.

Also, they will accept people of any religion and those who have none, indeed, even atheists. So, yes, you can find a political home in the Blue Wave whether or not you’re a person of faith.

Because, when you start wrapping religion and politics around the same pole, you get a result that is dangerous to both.

Make sure you’re registered to vote. Unless you insist on having government run by your religion, carefully, even prayerfully, consider voting Democrat this fall.

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