44. Lies


It is 44 days until the next U.S. congressional midterm election.

Saw a Facebook post last night that apparently is making the rounds. It depicts a photo of a reportedly nude man (a black box blocks out the area of his body that might offend us) on a stage or runway. On either side is a young girl holding his hand and each of those girls is holding the hand of another. The girls’ faces are blurred and they are fully dressed.

The accompanying text says, “Ladies and gentlemen … this is the liberal left trying to NORMALIZE PEDOPHILIA! It has begun!”

True to form for the radical right, this is an outright lie generated to inflame the masses who will not bother to confirm it.

The photo is accurate, but it was not a project of American liberal politics. It was a display in an art museum in Brazil. It’s worth noting that, even though many cultures around the world are less likely to equate nudity with sexual perversions, there was some outcry in Brazil over this living art demonstration.

The point for us, those considering how to vote this November is this:

Expect lies and distortions.

If you watched the Beto O’Rourke-Ted Cruz debate Friday, you may have noticed the number of times Beto pointed out Cruz was lying.

Double-check the negativity you hear. If it sounds unbelievable, there’s probably a reason for that. If they’re saying something to defend a man accused of sexual assault, look closely at both sides.

It’s 44 days until we’re able to elect a new Congress to start holding the Liar-in-Chief in check.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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