41. Respect

obama - go vote

It is 41 days until the next U.S. congressional midterm election.

The events surrounding the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court is really all one needs to see how desperate the Republican Party is to force its will into reality regardless of the concerns of the governed.

Blocking the vast majority of the nominee’s records and ramming the process into high speed when, two years ago, they used the same blunt force to totally ignore President Barack Obama’s nominee for a year is proof enough they only want to fill the seat, even if the nominee has possibly perjured himself to the point where he could be impeached by a more level-headed Congress.

Then add how the GOP senators and president have handled the allegations of sexual assault.

Even if the women making the charges are lying, a proper response would be an investigation. That, by the way, is what the woman scheduled to testify Thursday is seeking in order to have her story proven.

Like I said, the fact Republicans care nothing about decency, morality and justice is painfully obvious.

If, like me, you’re tired of our country being the punchline for a joke, prepare to take action in this fall’s election to put Democrats into office to start effecting changes and to put checks on the clown who would be king and those who enable him.

Make sure you’re registered, vote early and take a friend.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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