25. Blame game

vote dem

It is 25 days until the next U.S. congressional midterm election.

I’ve happened to see different articles this week casting blame in diverse directions concerning how our nation put itself into such a lose-lose proposition.

Wrote Timothy Egan in The New York Times: Baby “Boomers gave us Donald Trump, the draft-dodging, tax-evading, wife-cheating poster child for ’60s-bred self-indulgence. It’s boomers who are bankrupting the nation with a trillion-dollar deficit from a selfish tax cut. And it’s boomers who are ignoring climate change while the earth convulses and heads toward an early end.”

Wrote Aaron Blake in The Washington Post: Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook “noted, for example, that younger voters (millennials), perhaps assuming that Clinton was going to win, migrated to third-party candidates in the final days of the race.”

Wrote Umair Haque on Eudaimonia and Co.: “The generation born in the 1970s (Gen X) was the first one which could ever really try to modernize America, bring it into line with modern notions of democracy, civilization, and prosperity, to make it what people would call a decent, working society. And the problem is that generation has failed at precisely that challenge, in abysmal, ruinous, and catastrophic ways.”

So, should blame go to my generation, my daughter’s generation or those even younger?

By all means, yes.

On the other hand … I don’t care about placing blame.

Here’s the problem: We must fix it and start repairing the damage. All of us – young, middle, old – must head to the polls. We must forget casting protest votes and whining about a candidate who, while markedly better than the Republican, isn’t everything we want. We must vote Democrat. We need to elect many more women, people of color, and younger leaders. We must teach Republicans what they’ve been doing will no longer fly with us, forcing them to pull back from their make-the-rich-richer and blame-those-not-like-us game plans. Believe it or not, we must help them save the Republican Party.

Who do we blame?

I do not care.

However, if we fail to cause a massive Blue Wave this fall and in 2020 … we’re all to blame and our world will suffer.

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