22. Broken

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It is 22 days until the next U.S. congressional midterm election.

As we were awakening on Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2016, as we were questioning the unbelievability Donald Trump might be our next president, as we were looking for a way out … we were advised by one Republican after another to accept the fact they had won and we had lost.

After all, wasn’t that what they wanted? To be “winners”?

Winning is all that interests them. Confirming Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court was a win they had to have, regardless the price.

There is no way (we pray) he was the best-qualified judge out there. He certainly wasn’t one who could pull bipartisan backing. For some reason, Trump and the GOP wanted him. Knowing how Trump likes to own people who will give unconditional support, I cannot help but believe the judge promised the blooming dictator to help provide him total judicial cover. Now, don’t quote me on that as it’s just my gut talking.

Victoria Bassetti, a contributor to Brennan Center for Justice, laid it all out in her opinion piece, “How the Republicans Broke the Senate in Confirming Kavanaugh.”

It was an exercise of brute power, even with the slimmest of margins, insisting to get what they want, despite its threat to the country.

The destructive actions (and inactions) of this administration are widespread – public faith, international relations, needs of the poor, honor, environment, on and on – so it might not seem too much of a stretch that it also … well, let Bassetti put it in her words … “broke the Senate for the foreseeable future.”

In the upcoming election, we can begin to lay a foundation to repair things. Vote Blue this fall.

That includes in your state legislatures, statewide offices, congressional races and Senate.

For Senate, support and vote for Beto O’Rourke in Texas, Jacky Rosen in Nevada, Heidi Heitkamp in North Dakota, Phil Bredesen in Tennessee, Claire McCaskill in Missouri, Jon Tester in Montana, Mike Espy in Mississippi, Bill Nelson in Florida, Kyrsten Sinema in Arizona, Joe Donnelly in Indiana, Tina Smith in Minnesota, Robert Menendez in New Jersey, Dianne Feinstein in California, Christopher Murphy in Connecticut, Thomas R. Carper in Delaware, Mazie K. Hirono in Hawaii, Angus S. King Jr. in Maine (yes, the incumbent independent), Benjamin L. Cardin in Maryland, Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts, Debbie Stabenow in Michigan, Amy Klobuchar in Minnesota, David Baria in Mississippi, Jane Raybould in Nebraska, Martin Heinrich in New Mexico, Kirsten Gillibrand in New York, Sherrod Brown in Ohio, Robert Casey Jr. in Pennsylvania, Sheldon Whitehouse in Rhode Island, Jenny Wilson in Utah, Bernie Sanders in Vermont, Tim Kaine in Virginia, Maria Cantwell in Washington, Joe Manchin in West Virginia, Tammy Baldwin in Wisconsin, and Gary Trauner in Wyoming.

It’s time we make good things, not break them.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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