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Today’s a free holiday for many folks. By that, I mean we took care of the observances for Armistice Day / Veteran’s Day on Sunday … well, if it wasn’t raining too much … so, this Monday is truly a day off. (Yes, I know, like all holidays, many people work to keep the world turning.)

The Wi-Fi at our RV park is better than average, so I use it if I’m not streaming or doing something sensitive. Upon signing in, it automatically opens the home page. Many websites maintain such a landing site, featuring an assortment of headlines from numerous sources. Usually, I just close that tab or window and continue doing my thing.

But … today is a free holiday, so I started clicking. Let’s go surfing now.

Ask the Salty Waitress: Should I tip on the pre- or post-tax total? – The name of the column, “Ask the Salty Waitress,” should give you a good idea how she would answer the question. It’s a quick, fun read that ends with, “… and generally try not to be a cheapskate.”

25 Recipes No One Makes Anymore – But Should – OK, pet peeve time. Usually, when you see a headline containing “X Number of Whatever,” it’s going to be a slideshow, which means you have to click through each of the 25 or however many items one page at a time, driving up their click rate and draining your bandwidth. It must be incredibly interesting to me to do so. In this case, I clicked to the first frame, which featured cinnamon toast, and then closed the window. I will not mention any more stories that require you to click through multiple pages.

This Was the Price of Milk the Year You Were Born – The title is a little misleading in that it lists the price every five years, those ending in 0 or 5, dating back to 1930. In addition to seeing that a gallon of milk cost about 93 cents when I was born, the relatively short article talks about what influenced the price changes.

Here’s How Long It Takes Your Body to Reverse the Damage of Smoking – Allow me to cut the drama: 16 years. This study says it takes 16 years for smokers to reclaim their health. There’s more information in the article, if this applies to you.

13 Ways You’re Ruining Your Cell Phone without Realizing It – Of course, surfing means you’ll run across more links that send you another direction. This has tips for protecting your phone and, no, it’s not a slide show. Much of the advice concerns battery management.

We Never Got Flu Shots. Then the Flu Almost Killed My Husband – I don’t want to hear that you never get flu shots and never get sick, even if it’s true. Such statements discourage people who really should be protected. (And you getting the shot helps protect those who are unable to get one because of other health issues.) Just read this couple’s story.

This family of swans has learned to use pedestrian crossing on daily commute – The headline says it all. A 1-minute, 45-second video.

Tesla Owner Uses Autopilot to Avoid Parking Tickets – Another video, this one 45 seconds, but the headline is better than the video.

Underground Hotel Built Inside a Quarry Will Soon Open – Admit it, who hasn’t always wanted to stay in a hotel built mostly underground inside a Chinese quarry? Am I right? Reservations open soon at only $487 a night. Send me a postcard!

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