Yes, already

Spurred on by the incredibly successful Blue Wave … and obviously anxious to build upon it … the process of Democrats selecting the person they feel can best unseat Donald Trump if he’s still president in 2020 has begun.

Just like that.

We all have known to expect a high number of candidates. Early filings, announcements and teases are proving that out early.

What can I say? This should be entertaining.

Just for the fun of it, here’s a rundown of candidates and potential candidates as listed in Wikipedia. They’re divided into subsets, each of which is alphabetized.

Major declared candidates

Julian Castro, Texas, former HUD secretary and mayor of San Antonio.

John Delaney, six-year congressman from Maryland who did not run for re-election in order to focus on the presidential campaign.

Tulsi Gabbard, Hawaii, just began fourth term in U.S. Congress, of which she was the body’s first Samoan-American and first Hindu member.

Richard Ojeda, West Virginia, retired major in the U.S. Army, state senator since 2016 who just resigned to concentrate on this election.

Other declared candidates

These have not previously been elected or appeared in polls but are otherwise notable.

Michael E. Arth, listed as artist and public policy analyst among other things, is from Florida but was born on a U.S. Army base in England to two U.S. citizens.

Harry Braun, from Georgia, is no stranger to presidential campaigns as he ran in 2004, 2012 and 2016.

Ken Nwadike Jr. may not sound familiar to you, but you might recognize him as the Free Hugs guy, he’s from Florida and is a motivational speaker and peace activist.

Robby Wells, from Georgia, is a former college football coach and ran for president the past two elections.

Andrew Yang, New York, an entrepreneur and founder of Venture for America.

There are almost 130 more who have filed.

Those with scheduled announcements

In other words, they’re not officially in yet (wink, wink).

Kamala Harris, a first-term U.S. senator, formerly attorney general of California, expected to announce next weekend.

Marianne Williamson, a spiritual teacher and activist from California.


Those who have announced they are exploring the idea of running, which usually means they’re running.

Jay Inslee, governor of the state of Washington since 2013 and previously a U.S. representative.

Elizabeth Warren, Massachusetts, senator since 2013.

Interested, hmm

These folks have expressed varying degrees of interest.

Michael Bennet, senator from Colorado.

Joe Biden, long-term U.S. senator and vice president to Barack Obama, from Delaware.

Michael Bloomberg, another billionaire from the Big Apple, but at least this one has political experience, serving as New York City’s mayor more than 10 years.

Cory Booker, just elected to second term as U.S. senator from New Jersey, previously mayor of Newark.

Sherrod Brown, senator and former representative from Ohio.

Steve Bullock, governor of Montana since 2013.

Pete Buttigieg, mayor of South Bend, Ind., since 2012.

Bob Casey Jr, senator from Pennsylvania since 2007.

Oscar De La Hoya, yes, the boxing champion from California.

Eric Garcetti, mayor of Los Angeles, California, since 2013.

Kirsten Gillibrand, senator from New York since 2009 and previously a representative.

John Hickenlooper, governor of Colorado and former mayor of Denver.

Eric Holder, U.S. attorney general from 2009-2015, from the District of Columbia.

Angelina Jolie, the actress and philanthropist from California.

Amy Klobuchar, senator from Minnesota since 2007.

Terry McAuliffe, governor of Virginia 2014-18.

Jeff Merkley, senator from Oregon since 2009.

Beto O’Rourke, representative from Texas 2013-19.

Tim Ryan, representative from Ohio since 2003.

Bernie Sanders, senator from Vermont since 2007, representative 1991-2007, and runner-up for the presidential nomination in 2016.

Eric Swalwell, representative from California since 2013.

Speculative candidates

One might say there is or has been a public swell of support for these folks to run, but they’re said nothing supporting or shooting down the idea.

Stacy Abrams, state representative in George 2007-2017 who made a close race for the governorship last election.

Andrew Gillum, mayor of Tallahassee 2014-18, who made a close race for the governorship of Florida last election.

Mitch Landrieu, mayor of New Orleans 2010-18.

William H. McRaven, retired U.S. Navy admiral, from North Carolina.

Joseph Sanberg, co-founder of Aspiration Inc., from California.

Adam Schiff, representative from California who’s proven to be a thorn in Trump’s Twitter side.

Howard Schultz, from Washington, former CEO of Starbucks.

No, thanks

More quickly, a look at speculative candidates who have publicly declined.

Michael Avenatti, who gained fame as Stormy Daniels’ attorney; former California Gov. Jerry Brown; the previous Democratic nominee, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton; former FBI Director James Comey; North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper; New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo;

Jamie Dimon, finance executive; Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel; former Sen. Al Franken; former Vice President Al Gore; Luis Gutierrez, former representative; actor Tom Hanks; media executive Bob Iger; actor Dwayne Johnson; Sen. Tim Kaine;

Caroline Kennedy, former ambassador to Japan; Rep. Joe Kennedy III; former Secretary of State John Kerry; Rep. Seth Moulton; Sen. Chris Murphy, Gov. Phil Murphy; Gov. Gavin Newsom; Michelle Obama, former first lady; former Gov. Martin O’Malley;

former Gov. Deval Patrick; NBA coach Gregg Popovich; Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg; conservative talk show host and former Republican Rep. Joe Scarborough; philanthropist and activist Tom Steyer; Sen. Jon Tester; former state Sen. Nina Turner; Rep. Maxine Waters; television host Oprah Winfrey; and Facebook chairman Mark Zuckerberg.

Stay tuned.

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