Warren gets it

While waiting for tonight’s Round Two of the Democratic debates, here’s a look at a fun list developing on Twitter. A few are hash tagged, #WarrenGetsIt. (Disclosure: I have not yet picked a candidate, but Elizabeth Warren is on the short list.)

The first may have been the genesis of the tweets:

@MerrillBarr: Elizabeth Warren has never asked a bartender “what whiskeys do you have?” She’s already checked the shelf.

@PaulaInTulsaOK: Elizabeth Warren always tips at least 25% and never tries to get dinner at the lunch price.

@elizabeth_case: Elizabeth Warren never checks her phone when you’re having a heart-to-heart. It can wait.

@CCoceans311: Elizabeth Warren will let you use her charger. Her phone is at 100%.

@JoeyWesthead: Elizabeth Warren always lets you into traffic with a smile and wave! And – She never takes up 2 parking spaces or parks wonky so you have to crawl into your car/truck when leaving.

@MamalehC: Elizabeth Warren does the surveys at the bottom of the receipt because she cares about the working class!

@Mikestweeting: Elizabeth Warren ALWAYS uses her turn signal, even when it’s late and no one else is around.

@TootsieF: Elizabeth Warren does a little half jog when crossing the street so she doesn’t hold up traffic.

@amberahumphrey: When Elizabeth Warren gives you a ride home she always waits until you flash the porch light before driving off.

@AlishaGrauso: Elizabeth Warren always knows exactly what she wants when she gets to the front of the Starbucks line and never holds everyone else up.

@AuntieTeyTey: Elizabeth Warren always returns her shopping cart before getting in her car and driving away. (She wouldn’t dream of leaving a cart in a parking space.)

@drainladyspeaks: Elizabeth Warren washes her dishes right after she finishes eating, then washes your dishes that you left in there to soak.

@GeenuhFjord: When Elizabeth Warren gives a gift bag, she makes sure it’s not too event specific because she wants you to be able to re-use it.

@realTomChapmans: Elizabeth Warren always rinses out her recyclables before putting them in the bin.

@schristineyoung: Elizabeth Warren always stands to the correct side on an escalator. She understands people have things to do.

@vintagebaby1929: Elizabeth Warren never makes the joke, “so it’s free?” when things don’t properly scan at the register. She knows what’s up.

@tracyjust: Elizabeth Warren stacks all the empty plates and neatly places the silver wear on top at a restaurant.

There are many more; look them up. But, finally, just in case you’re thinking, “Hey, aren’t these a lot like …”

@DavidGillaspie: Elizabeth Warren is coaching Chuck Norris through a difficult time.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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