Soap and water

Moon and clouds

You’ve not heard anything about washing hands recently, have you?

It’s everywhere. News. Talk shows. Politicians. Parents. The past two Sundays, our preacher has admonished everyone to properly wash their hands.

It may seem like they’re overdoing it, but washing hands thoroughly with soap and water, as well as abstaining from touching your mouth/nose/throat area with unclean hands, can be beneficial in keeping illness at bay.

Illness, you know, like the coronavirus covid-19.

My daughter and her family are spending spring break at Walt Disney World where, as you know, large crowds tend to congregate. She reports that people have been taking it in stride, giving others a decent amount of social space and exhibiting patience. She said folks seem to be taking the hand washing and disinfecting to heart. Additionally, employees have been wiping down surfaces at a fast pace.

But, did we really need such a heavy-handed campaign just to remind us to wash our hands?

Yes, we did. This is something I’ve never written about (best I recall) in thousands of newspaper columns and Internet blog posts, but…

Too many men and boys do not wash their hands before leaving public rest rooms. Other guys reading this can confirm it.

Tell me, women, what have you observed?

More than once, half-jokingly, I’ve told Leah in a store, “See the guy in the blue shirt? Don’t shake his hand.”

And it’s not just riffraff.

Don’t ask me any questions about what I’m about to say because I won’t answer them, but there was a guy at a place I used to work who I noticed never washed his hands. This fellow was pretty important in the company, a community leader type.

And he did not wash his hands upon leaving the rest room.

So, maybe that’s what we’ll take away from this virus scare. Maybe we’ll learn to wash our hands.

2 thoughts on “Soap and water”

  1. I also report to Jon when women don’t wash their hands after using the toilet! Wash your hands people!!


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