Family pic by Bjorn (2)
Accept that for a short while we are not able to have such wonderful times as pictured here. (Trust me, the curmudgeonly looking chap in the middle is faking; he had a blast.) In that case, what are the lessons we’ve gathered during our coronavirus lockdown?

When life gives you lemons … at least try to learn something from the experience, especially if said lemon shipment comes with a large side order of sitting around time. Without further ado, and with the assistance of online friends where noted, here are “Things we’re learning from our coronavirus experiences”:

* Just how long 20 seconds can seem.

* That movie plot lines of politicians ignoring scientists and putting entire populations in jeopardy are … well … not all that far-fetched.

* How to plant a victory garden, as well as deciding if neighbors will protest against chickens in the backyard. (contributed by Ryan E)

* Our individual limits to watching sci-fi movies.

* We’re not nearly as self-reliant as we thought we were.

* The people who apparently thought washing hands after using the rest room was optional.

* The number of times one can hum “Happy birthday” after it gets stuck in the brain. (contributed by Marti B)

* How essential are services provided by people paid poverty wages.

* The entertainment factor of Americans suddenly mustering the courage to learn how to ride a bike or play tennis. (contributed by James M)

* How ignorant of science and medicine are many elected officials.

* How many minutes we can watch of daily press briefings before screaming. (contributed by Judy B)

* The weakness of the excuse “I don’t have time” for all those honey-dos. (contributed by Pinky S)

* Practical understanding of personal space.

* That it takes as long to run to the store for a loaf of bread as it does to bake one. (contributed by Jennie R)

* How texting to family and friends takes on a whole new meaning. (contributed by Gail G)

* Inventive ways to make a mask, such as making one out of a koozie. (contributed by Tina M)

* What those burners are for on the range.

* Learning to be more understanding of others. (contributed by Janis B)

* The art of growing a furlough beard. (contributed by Lloyd S)

* The privilege of saying goodbye.

* The great benefits of having a dog. (contributed by Connie B)

* To what extent online “television” has expanded.

* The depth of the saying, “When you have the money, you never have the time; when you have the time, you never have the money.” (contributed by Roxanne H)

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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