Coronavirus precautions April 2020
Leah and grandson Charles practice some precautions in order to grab a little playtime.

“You know what they say,” my wife offered the other day, “either lead, follow or get out of the way.”

That put into perspective for me this uncomfortable place we’ve been in recently.

With past challenges, Leah and/or I often had a role in the response. At least, we stood ready to help somehow.

Like a hand-printed sign I saw in a New York City photo that offered shopping and errand-running assistance to elderly neighbors and those with compromised health issues.

It hit us early as this COVID-19 threat materialized: We’re the ones other people are protecting.

Leah was diagnosed several years ago with autoimmune hepatitis. Just a few decades ago, that was a death sentence, but a treatment was discovered and, as long as she’s on it, she should lead a pretty normal life. However, her system would be a soft target for this coronavirus.

At 65, I’m officially considered at a higher risk. I don’t really feel it, but I respect the warning. Regardless, if I catch it, I will simply carry it home to my wife.

So, for this crisis, we’re not leading and we’re not following.

We’re getting out of the way.

Thanks to those who are keeping essential operations going. Thanks to those who, if they are able, actually stay home and help limit the spread.

2 thoughts on “Gettin’”

  1. Thank you. I love the last few lines especially… Not leading, not following, just getting out of the way. That sums up our life now too! Good to see how you all are doing it! PS. Are they playing together?


    1. Charles exceeded Leah’s gaming skills the first time he picked up a controller. He put up with her (not always good-naturedly) for a few years. Now, she watches and he gives a running dialog. Y’all hang in there and stay safe!


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