Name that character


To those who continually ask: “Yes, I am working on the next book.”

And, now, you have another chance to help with “The Reporter and the Apples.”

I’m accepting nominations for the name and short description of a police officer in Oldport, where the story is taking place. The character is a male, 25-35 years old. That’s it; everything else is wide open.

Send your nomination to me via personal message or email. You may also post it in the comment box below; I will not approve the comment so nobody else will see it.

This is a quick one that I may end as early as Sunday, so act now!

If I select your contribution, the reward is having your name included on the acknowledgments page of the book and a personalized and autographed copy of the paperback.

This is my sixth book in the series and each has had at least one character partially – or mostly – created by one of my readers. If you need inspiration, review the previous winning characters: Virgil “Moose” MacDuff in “The Reporter, a Ferret and a Hurricane”; Sandra “Sunny” DelSol in “The Reporter and the Penguin”; Gene Teller in “The Reporter and the Rose”; Matt “Matty” Davis in “The Reporter and the Sloth”; and Kat McFarlen and Lucas Funkhouser in “The Reporter and the Marmot.”

I’ve already held one name-the-character competition for this book, in fall 2017, which produced the winning entry of Jackson Carlisle.

Feel free to share this with your creative friends … if you’re not afraid of the competition.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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