Cutting through
Preferably, one assumes the presidency of a country with a plan — actually, many plans — so as to not spend all of one’s time hacking out a trail to nowhere. Photo by Steve Martaindale

It is 97 days until the general election.

Let’s today look at how we can get a better idea what Joe Biden wants to achieve as president. Instead of making vague promises, his campaign has laid out a number of plans at

For example, he recognizes the frontline workers who have kept things going during the COVID crisis, from healthcare workers to grocery store workers. In addition to a $15 an hour minimum wage, these essential workers should receive “premium pay,” protective equipment and a safe working environment.

Here are a few more topics:

* Secure environmental justice and equitable economic opportunity in a clean energy future.

* Provide support for deserving small businesses.

* Make unprecedented investments in our infrastructure to bolster the competitiveness of the middle class.

* Ensure the future is “Made in all of America” by all of America’s workers.

* Jobs and economic recovery plan for working families.

* Rebuild U.S. supply chains and ensure the U.S. does not face future shortages of critical equipment.

There is also information on addressing the COVID-19 pandemic, people with disabilities, work sharing, bankruptcy reform, immigration, criminal justice, crimes against women, education and much more.

Scroll through the list and check out the topics that interest you … or all of them. Get a glimpse of what it may be like to be working toward making the 2020s fair and just to all, not dwelling on some idea of flashing back to the 1950s when life was great for some people and horrific for far too many.

Will Joe Biden accomplish everything?

Of course not. Who wants a leader who doesn’t dream bigger than is possible? But if we do our part and vote in Democratic leaders in Congress and state governments, there’s a greater likelihood.

Are there things in there that do not excite you?

Probably, but that reminds me of a bit of advice I’ve read: “Voting isn’t marriage, it’s public transport. You are not waiting for ‘the one’ who is absolutely perfect. You are getting the bus. If there isn’t one going exactly to your destination, you don’t stay at home a sulk, you take the bus going closest to where you want to be.”

If you want minorities treated fairly, programs to keep children safer, true leadership in addressing catastrophes, and so on, you want to get on that blue bus.

Go to, a site by the League of Women Voters, to determine if you’re properly registered to vote. If not, there are links and information to help you do so. Get registered, plan to vote, vote early, take a friend.

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