Let’s get Super

Super Bowl LV kicks off in a little more than five hours, but I’m ready to get started now.

No, I’m not a particular fan of either team (I’m pulling for Tampa Bay because I like fellow Aggie Mike Evans.), not really a big fan of the NFL though I enjoy good competitive games at any level, but there’s another reason for diving into the day.

It’s fun.

It’s even more fun if you totally jump in.

Several times over the past few years, I’ve used Facebook to make running comments about the game, the commentators, the commercials … whatever. Why? It’s fun.

It’s even more fun when others weigh in. I’m using the hashtag #SBwithMe on my posts. At the moment, it does not exist anywhere else on Facebook, so you can use that to follow along, to (please) add to the conversation, even make your own posts with the same hashtag.

Pick a team … or don’t. Let’s do this.

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