Stamp of approval

After receiving our first vaccinations last week, Leah thought about making a button declaring the fact.

There’s some sense to that. Even though we’re all continuing to keep our personal interactions safe (We are, right?), it might ease apprehension a tad if people knew others were vaccinated against COVID-19. Indeed, various countries are looking at issuing vaccination passports, documents that will ease us all back into international travel more easily.

You can probably guess the thought string that followed Leah’s first pronouncement about making buttons. It begins with how to do it, what to say, what kind of button to make … and then, the 21st century arrives: “I bet someone has already done that.”

Oh, yeah.

Just take a look at what turns up on Amazon when you search for “covid vaccinated pin.”

Here are some quick favorites, show at the top: One shaped like a face mask, proclaiming “COVID-19 Vaccinated.” A bright red circle around an image of the coronavirus with a red slash across it, “I Have Been Vaccinated.” Finally, “Hug Me, I’m Vaccinated.”

You get the idea, there’s a bunch to choose from.

There is an ulterior motive. Some people remain uncertain about getting the vaccine. Presumably, many will change their positions as more people get shot. If so, seeing actual friends as vaccinated may encourage them. As for real numbers, this site by NPR keeps count of vaccinations in the United States. Friday afternoon, it says 16.3 percent of Americans – more than 82 million – have received at least one dose and more than half of that number has both. Additionally, President Biden has predicted there will be enough vaccine available for every adult by the end of May.

It also has a state-by-state breakdown to see how your area is doing. Alaska is the best-vaccinated state at 23.5 percent, followed by New Mexico. My home state of Texas is ranked 47th at 14.2 percent vaccinated. Georgia brings up the rear at 12.6 percent.

We talked yesterday about the comfort that comes with obtaining the vaccination, so a button spreading your relief is a logical step.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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