Brag away!

Another #MyBrag: I’ve seen some great sunrises. Photo by Steve Martaindale

Came across a tweet today, the effects of which seemed worth sharing.

First of all, I do not know and have not previously followed Gail Simone (@GailSimone on Twitter), whose bio says she is, among other things, a “writer of comics and animation.” Doing a shallow dive to see what I could learn about her, I found all I needed to know in a beautifully heart-wrenching thread about a little boy named Zaadii, which you can find here.

That, however, is not what got me started. It was this tweet.

Get it? The challenge is to brag about something – no reservations, no excuses, just flat out bragging. Isn’t that great? Well, the proof is in the following tweets. Let’s dig into #MyBrag and see what we can pull out of them.

@SnarleyChomplin: “#MyBrag is that I’m making this Beer Can Chicken and it looks damn good.”

@Activist_AdaJ: “#MyBrag I’m happy I’m vaccinated.”

@aandrefpeltier: “I’ve been writing poetry since the early 90s. I never thought it was worth showing anyone. I just started submitting to journals this year and I’ve had 78 poems accepted already! #MyBrag”

@TrishE23: “I kicked breast cancer’s ass twice. #mybrag”

@vegasfleabag: “I quit smoking 26 years ago, quit drinking 25 years ago, and I religiously swim at least two miles every single day. I also take care of my husband with dementia, my almost 80 year old mom, and I make a wicked good pizza. #MyBrag”

@BRAVATRAVELS: “#MyBrag it’s that I’m an immigrant who learned English by herself, immersed in the culture, adapted, graduated from college, raised great kids, and work for a major airline now as an American citizen despite racism, discrimination, and injustice but grateful for the opportunity.”

@RegalKittyBits: “#mybrag is in 10 years i went from being homeless and having my belongings tossed into the streets to being a homeowner.”

@dondasch: “I’ve been caretaking for my girlfriend the past 13 years. #MyBrag”

@TheLondonHughes: “I quit my Television studies degree and dropped out of University to focus on my TV career…. 7 years later that same University invited me to give a talk to the students on how to make it in television. #MyBrag”

@mamaloca: “#MyBrag I was one of the best School Bus Drivers ever.”

@Nestene: “For 10 months of the year, I get up every day and teach history and English, instilling the skills into a new generations of dreamers to write their worlds into existence. #MyBrag”

@Hawkuno: “I was the best damn pizza delivery driver back in the day. As in, I’d always give you an extra smile on top of getting pizza. When I quit, several of our regulars hugged me and said they’d miss me. #mybrag”

@whoislloyd: “Re-enlisted for 2 more years in the Army Reserve today #MyBrag”

@MaXLebel88: “Soy la persona más amable y alegre que he conocido JAMÁS. Es difícil que algo me saque de estar feliz, siempre trato de ir con buenas palabras por delante y crear un buen ambiente. Y sinceramente, creo que se nota: la gente, cuando está a mi alrededor, es más feliz #MyBrag”

@NeilDidIt: “#MyBrag is I’ve got two extremely intelligent and empathetic little boys I’ve raised. I’d be proud of them even if they weren’t mine. #LuckyDad”

@emeraldembers: “My capacity for love is endless. No amount of cruelty from childhood bullies or abusive callers at my job has reduced that capacity. It is a spring that I was born with, inherited from a kind, loving, giving mother, and I’m proud of it. #MyBrag”

Last of all, here’s mine:

@smartaindale: “#MyBrag is I’ve been to all 7 continents, have friends worldwide proving that most people are good, have former employees who say I’ve made a difference in their lives, have written 7 mysteries, and I’m still chasing dreams with my wife, including hiking the Erie Canal Trailway.”

Come on, join in … brag a little. Or a lot!

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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