Go … uh … team?

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” – William Shakespeare. Photo by Steve Martaindale

The 2022 Major League Baseball season opened today. Remembering that, I clicked over to see how the games were going.

One of the first finals I saw was that the Royals had defeated the Guardians 3-1. Uh … Guardians?

OK, while I enjoy watching baseball, I’m not really one to keep up with all the details. When I saw Guardians is the mascot of the Cleveland team, I recalled they had parted ways with the name Cleveland Indians. Well, what I really remembered was the removal of the Chief Wahoo mascot.

That got me started wondering and a quick Google search showed the team in Cleveland had gone by Indians since 1915. Wow, some 106 years.

But wait; there’s more.

Prior to being the Indians, the team was the Cleveland Napoleons/Naps (1903–1914), the Cleveland Bronchos (1902), the Cleveland Bluebirds/Blues (1901–1902), the Cleveland Lake Shores (1900), and, initially, and the Grand Rapids Rippers (1894–1899).

You certainly know where this is going … what about the other teams’ nicknames?

Atlanta Braves – Atlanta Braves (1966–present), Milwaukee Braves (1953–1965), Boston Braves (1941–1952), Boston Bees (1936–1940), Boston Braves (1912–1935), Boston Rustlers (1911), Boston Doves (1907–1910), Boston Beaneaters (1883–1906), Boston Red Caps (1876–1882), and Boston Red Stockings (1871–1875).

Baltimore Orioles – Baltimore Orioles (1954–present), St. Louis Browns (1902–1953), and Milwaukee Brewers (1901).

Boston Red Sox – Boston Red Sox (1908–present), and Boston Americans (1901–1907).

Chicago Cubs – Chicago Cubs (1903–present), Chicago Orphans (1898–1902), Chicago Colts (1890–1897), and Chicago White Stockings (NL) (1876–1889).

Chicago White Sox – Chicago White Sox (1904–present), and Chicago White Stockings (1900–1903)

Cincinnati Reds – Cincinnati Reds (1959–present), Cincinnati Redlegs (1954–1958), Cincinnati Reds (1890–1953), and Cincinnati Red Stockings (1882–1889).

Houston Astros – Houston Astros (1965–present), and Houston Colt .45s (1962–1964).

Los Angeles Angels – Los Angeles Angels (2016–present), Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (2005–2015), Anaheim Angels (1997–2004), California Angels (1965–1996), and Los Angeles Angels (1961–1965).

Los Angeles Dodgers – Los Angeles Dodgers (1958–present), Brooklyn Dodgers (1932–1957), Brooklyn Robins (1914–1931), Brooklyn Dodgers (1913), Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers (1911–1912), Brooklyn Superbas (1899–1910), Brooklyn Bridegrooms (1896–1898), Brooklyn Grooms (1891–1895), Brooklyn Bridegrooms (1888–1890), Brooklyn Grays (1885–1887), Brooklyn Atlantics (1884), and Brooklyn Grays (1883).

Miami Marlins – Miami Marlins (2012–present), and Florida Marlins (1993–2011).

Milwaukee Brewers – Milwaukee Brewers (1970–present), and Seattle Pilots (1969).

Minnesota Twins – Minnesota Twins (1961–present), Washington Senators (1901–1904, 1956–1960), and Washington Nationals/Senators (1905–1955).

New York Yankees – New York Yankees (1913–present), New York Highlanders (1903–1912), and Baltimore Orioles (1901–1902).

Oakland Athletics – Oakland Athletics (1968–present), Kansas City Athletics (1955–1967), and Philadelphia Athletics (1901–1954).

Philadelphia Phillies – Philadelphia Phillies (1883–present), Philadelphia Blue Jays/Phillies (1944–1949), Philadelphia Quakers/Phillies (1884–1889), and Philadelphia Quakers (1883).

Pittsburgh Pirates – Pittsburgh Pirates (1891–present), Pittsburgh Alleghenys (1887–1890), and Allegheny (1882–1886).

St. Louis Cardinals – St. Louis Cardinals (1900–present), St. Louis Perfectos (1899), St. Louis Browns (1892–1898), St. Louis Browns (1883–1891) (AA), and St. Louis Brown Stockings (1882) (AA).

San Francisco Giants – San Francisco Giants (1958–present), New York Giants (1885–1957), and New York Gothams (1883–1884).

Tampa Bay Rays – Tampa Bay Rays (2008–present), and Tampa Bay Devil Rays (1998–2007).

Texas Rangers – Texas Rangers (1972–present), and Washington Senators (1961–1971).

Washington Nationals – Washington Nationals (2005–present), and Montreal Expos (1969–2004).

The following have had no changes, listed here with their first season: Arizona Diamondbacks (1998), Colorado Rockies (1993), Detroit Tigers (1901), Kansas City Royals (1969), New York Mets (1962), San Diego Padres (1969), Seattle Mariners (1977), and Toronto Blue Jays (1977).

My top takeaways: a team played as the Boston Beaneaters for 23 years, the Pittsburgh Pirates have been just that for 131 years, they actually used the nickname Perfectos in the 19th century, and a team went by Bridegrooms, then Grooms, and back to Bridegrooms over an 11-season period.

One more thing

“Baseball is like church. Many attend, few understand.” ― National Baseball Hall of Fame manager Leo Durocher

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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