You’re quick

Welcome to Steve Martaindale’s site. There is much to come here, but we’re posting this landing page early to serve up big news.

The Penguin has landed!

“The Reporter and the Penguin,” the third story and second book in the JP Weiscarver Mystery Series, is now available online. It will be a few weeks before your bookstore will be able to order it through their normal channels.

The paperback version is available directly from the publisher or from Amazon.

It is also available for electronic download via Kindle.

“Penguin” is a standalone story, of course, but you will get even more out of it if you read the stories in order. Like real life, JP Weiscarver’s stories have common links that are more easily understood in order. Or, if after reading “Penguin” you just want to know more, go back and read the first two. Both are found in one book, “The Reporter, a Ferret and a Hurricane.” Both paperback and Kindle are available through the author’s page on Amazon or the paperback directly from the publisher.

Contact Steve Martaindale by e-mail at steve (at) or through the Facebook page of the series’ lead character, JP Weiscarver.