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Let’s name some characters

Every JP Weiscarver book I’ve written has come about in ways that distinguish it from the others.

For the eighth, instead of writing right off, as has often happened, I felt it more important to get a better grasp of where it was going. Actually, a better grasp of how it would get there. And I decided I really wanted to have the title nailed down first.

I’ll reveal that after we name six characters in the book.

Another first! While I’ve held competitions to name one or more characters in every book, I’ve never done it this early and certainly not for six of them.

First, be aware I’m not deeply interested in background stories; most of those are already lined out in my notes. That being said, feel free to contribute anything you’d like, particularly personal tidbits, as I might work them in somewhere. All of these characters will play sizeable roles in the story. I suspect each nomination will include names for both husband and wife. Suggest names for one couple or up to all three.

Here’s what I’m looking at:

No. 1, female, married to No. 2. Semi-retired. She retired after 20 years in the Army as a unit supply specialist. After that, she wrote romance novels.

No. 2, male, married to No. 1. Retired private detective. Think real world PI, not the TV type.

No. 3, female, married to No. 4. Mostly retired nurse, now working occasional short stints to keep current and make traveling money.

No. 4, male, married to No. 3. Retired middle school principal, a self-proclaimed expert on suspicious actions. “I don’t believe you’re telling me the whole truth.”

No. 5, female, married to No. 6. Retired mall gift store manager. With years of managing teen-age and young adult employees, she understands where No. 4 is coming from.

No. 6, male, married to No. 5. Retired after having numerous different jobs. Most recently worked six years as a security guard. Now really into gardening.

The payoff

As always, those who submit names I use will be acknowledged in the book and will receive an autographed paperback when it comes out.

Submit your suggestions in the comment box here, post it on the Facebook post, message it to me, or email it. Carrier pigeon would probably be too late.

Why are we here?

Why are we here? No, I’m not speaking of deep philosophical matters … that’s for other days … but examining the purpose of this site.

While I originally conceived it to display information about my series of novels — “The Reporter and …” — I fully intend to unload, and upload, all kinds of information. There will be pieces from my days as a weekly newspaper columnist, photos and thoughts from my time working in Antarctica, Yellowstone and exciting places yet to come. And I can never get away from offering up commentary on what we come across in our day-to-day lives.

My greatest desire here is to stimulate conversation, so please converse and goad your friends into participating. (One warning: I will insist, as well as possible, that we stay on topic with each post and that we do not delve into stirring up hatred. I’m kind of sensitive to that.)


Now, let’s have fun.

Oh, the photo? It’s looking over my wife’s shoulder at Lake Livingston north of Houston. Why? Well, it’s cold here today and the image made me feel a little warmer.